Why use Home Savi? 4 ways we make DIY home buying easy

A different way to buy for a new generation of homebuyers

Key takeaways:

  • Our simple step-by-step process lets you create and submit home offers online
  • You get to keep 100% of the commission that would otherwise go to your buyer's agent
  • Think using a buyer's agent is free because they're paid by the seller? Get the facts
  • We give you the information and support you need to make smart buying decisions

Home Savi puts you in control of your home buying journey by empowering you to represent yourself and easily make your own offers. And because you don’t use a buyer’s agent, you get to keep the 2.5–3% commission for yourself.

Why Home Savi?

1) Keeps things simple and convenient

Home Savi streamlines the buying process into small, simple steps allowing you to create a complete and legally binding offer that is customized to your specific location, all online.

2) Saves you money

Home Savi eliminates the need for a buyer’s agent, allowing you to keep the commission for yourself. You can still negotiate, change offer terms and submit counter offers as needed. Best of all: the cost of a standard Home Savi transaction is just $648!

3) Makes representing yourself easy

Self-representation is and has always been legal. Home Savi gives you the tools and know-how you need to enjoy the benefits of a buyer’s agent-free transaction, but without the stress of doing it completely alone.

4) Doesn't lock you in

We want all consumers to have the information they need to make smart buying decisions and have lots of free resources available, like our Knowledge Base, even if you’re not a Home Savi user. Some agents make buyers sign exclusivity agreements. However, be careful signing these in case you come across a property you’d like to submit an offer on independently, which this kind of agreement would prevent.

How Home Savi works:

Life of a Home Savi transaction

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Self-representation and direct negotiation are nothing new

Direct negotiation with a seller or listing agent is already the norm in many other countries. As few as 1 in 1,000 home buyers in Australia use buyer’s agents, instead resorting to purchasing homes through online listings or auctions. Web platforms are also increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom, where online services provide all the tools to search for properties and contact sellers directly.

We believe that American homebuyers also deserve a modernized system which gives them greater control of the buying process.

Nobody looks out for you better than yourself

In a recent report conducted by Inman News, real estate professionals were asked what they felt was the biggest challenge the real estate industry will face in the coming years. Nearly 36% responded that low-quality agents will be the number one challenge. Another 10.5% added that "a broken overall consumer real estate experience" will also be a problem. Home Savi lets you avoid these issues by putting you in control of your own transaction. After all, you know what you want better than anyone else.

We understand that buying a home is a big decision and that certain aspects of home buying such as financing, escrow and inspections can be overwhelming at times. Our mission is to make it easy to manage all your tasks, paperwork and deadlines in one, secure and user-friendly place.