How Home Savi can be a valuable tool for real estate investors

Using Home Savi to dramatically boost your bottom line

Key takeaways:

  • Home Savi lets you easily represent yourself, submit your own offers and recapture 100% of the commission that would have otherwise gone to your buyer's agent
  • Home Savi has flexible offer plans that fit every real estate investor's needs
  • Home Savi offers are professionally packaged and double-checked for completeness

Recapture your commission

With Home Savi, you get to keep all of the buyer’s commission instead of paying a buyer’s agent. Imagine recapturing 2.5–3% of the purchase price of an investment property—that's money that can go towards your investment bottom line in whatever way you see fit.

Our contracts are set up to put you in control of your savings. In competitive markets, one useful way to use your savings is to up your offer price by the amount you’re saving in commission. Essentially, this could allow you to increase your offer price by 2.5%–3% and outbid competing offers.

For example, on a $500,000 home with multiple offers on the table for that asking price, you could offer $515,000 without actually paying more than someone offering $500,000 through an agent. In seller’s markets where every dollar counts, this puts you at a huge advantage.

Professionally packaged offers

You’re an experienced buyer who knows what to do when it comes to buying homes. Let us worry about the finer details. All Home Savi offers are professionally packaged and double-checked for completeness before they're sent out to any listing agents. This way, you’ll never have to worry about looking disorganized or sloppy or forgetting to include anything.

Flexible offer plans

With Home Savi’s range of offer packages, you can find a plan right for you whether you’re a small-time home flipper doing a couple of transactions a year or a full-out real estate investor doing tens or even hundreds. Submitting offers on homes without an agent has never been easier.

New to real estate investing?

Whether you're new to REI or are an investing guru, Home Savi makes representing yourself when buying a home easy and highly cost efficient. Investors like you know that your buying agent's commission is usually your biggest expense during a transaction, so why pay it when you're already an expert on the ins and outs of home buying? Ready to get going? See our tips on spotting homes with huge investor potential.

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