Home Savi is great, but we’re better with Better: Announcing our partnership with Better Mortgage!

We’ve partnered with Better Mortgage to bring you the most modern home buying experience possible today

Key takeaways:

  • Getting a mortgage can suck—plain and simple. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Better Mortgage. They’re fast, transparent and have your best interests at heart.
  • Better does to the mortgage process what we’re doing to home buying: use technology to pave a smarter way forward while saving you big.
  • Check out our page on Better's site!

Turns out we’re not the only ones making the home buying process easier for you. Like Home Savi, Better Mortgage took a look at the home buying process and thought, “there has to be a better way!” Better’s mission aligns directly with ours: leverage technology to bring you an improved buying experience while saving you tons of money.

You’re all about the modern home buying experience. Shouldn't your mortgage provider be modern too? Better combines best-in-class technology with a dedicated support staff to bring you unparalleled control and transparency to the home buying process.

The problem: the mortgage process is deeply broken...

...for some of the reasons listed below.

1) It's really slow

If you’ve applied for a mortgage before, you know firsthand that most of the mortgage industry operates like the internet doesn’t exist. Getting fully underwritten can take weeks, and that doesn’t even guarantee you a loan at the end of the day. It’s 2017, people—mortgages can be better.

2) It doesn’t necessarily put your best interests first

Many banks prioritize sales over service. So, what does that mean for homebuyers like you? Well, it means that loan officers are paid thousands in commissions based not on the quality of their loans, but on the number of loans they sell.

3) It doesn’t do transparency

Let’s say you decide to call your lender to see where your loan is in the process. The average experience goes something like this: you get put on hold, you get transferred and pretty soon you find yourself on an information merry-go-round where you’re stuck providing documents and going back and forth until you finally think you’ve got everything in, and then you’re told that you need three more documents you didn’t know about. Communicating directly with your underwriter is next to impossible, which doesn't help.

Our solution: partner with a lender that’s working hard day and night to throw the status quo out the window

Here’s why Better is better.

1) They're fast—really fast

We’re talking spend-a-few-minutes-and-get-pre-approved-in-24-hours fast. With Better, you can get pre-approved in just three minutes and get a verified pre-approval letter for your offer in as little as 24 hours!

That’s right, Better can verify all of your financial information before you even make an offer. So, when you do make an offer, it’s essentially as solid as that of an all-cash buyer. The due diligence that Better completes after you offer only has to do with the home (appraisals, etc.). Also, their technology closes loans 10 full days faster than the industry average. Both of these advantages are great to have as a buyer.

2) They’re not about that commission life

Better is all about service, not sales. Their loan consultants aren’t paid any commission. None. This means they can focus on providing you the best mortgage option for your specific situation rather than selling you any old loan just to line their pockets. What’s right for you is what’s right for them.

Plus, Better consistently closes high quality loans at lower rates. With a clean track record, great reviews from Google, Bankrate, Zillow and tons of customers, and strong relationships with established institutions like Fannie Mae, it’s no wonder that more and more buyers are choosing the Better way forward.

3) They take transparency to the next level

Better’s online portal, built by engineers from the likes of Google, Microsoft and Spotify, allows you to see exactly where you are in the process, every step of the way. Through their hassle-free, transparent process, you can get your loan closed quickly and save yourself time and cash at the same time.

Home Savi + Better = a more streamlined buying experience

Control freaks rejoice! With Better, you can now be more in the driver’s seat of your home buying journey than ever before. Not only can you create your own offers, negotiate and close with Home Savi, but now you can get your financing secured easily, quickly and save while you do both.

Better’s pre-approval letters can be directly attached to all Home Savi offers and their easy-on-the-paper mentality goes directly with everything we do here at Home Savi. Your loan consultant will even call the listing agent directly and tell them how rock solid your finances are. Now that's customer service!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our page on Better's site.

Then, once you're ready, sign in (or sign up) and unleash your inner real estate pro!

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