Can I represent myself when buying a home? Spoiler alert: Yes!

It can save you a lot of money, and it just got a lot easier!

Key takeaways:

  • Our simple step-by-step process lets you create and submit home offers online
  • You get to save the commission that would otherwise go to a buyer's agent
  • Think using a buyer's agent is free because they're paid by the seller? Get the facts
  • We give you the information and support you need to make smart buying decisions

Home buying has come a long way in today’s digital age, and after buyers just like you demanded a better way forward, we set out to create a platform that answered your calls. Now, with our tools at your fingertips, you too can experience the future of home buying. Watch our short 90-second "How it Works" video here.

Representing yourself before Home Savi

Self-representation is and always has been legal. Typically, buyers who've represented themselves in the past have used attorneys to create personalized real estate contracts to buy a home. Although using an attorney can be cheaper than using an agent, they’re still very expensive and leave a lot to be desired in terms of guidance, which is why they’re usually used by experienced buyers or people purchasing from close friends. Note that Home Savi is not a group of attorneys—we build software (more about that below).

Representing yourself with Home Savi

Home Savi replaces the need for a buyer’s agent by giving you the online tools and knowledge to offer, close and save on your home purchase. We consulted with Allen Matkins (one of California's leading real estate law firms) to draft purchase agreement contracts for our platform. These customizable documents are universally accepted by major real estate brokerages, lenders and title companies. Our contracts also take into account the interests of all parties involved in the sale, including buyers, sellers and agents.

Home Savi offers are:

  • Legally binding and secure
  • Modifiable in nearly every way
  • Convenient and easy for both buyers and listing agents
  • Not very different from traditional offers, except that you can proactively manage your transaction online and you get to save the commission that would otherwise go to your buyer's agent

In addition, we provide you with all the information you need to fully understand the home buying process and successfully close on your home. Can't find what you need in our comprehensive Knowledge Base? Support is always just a few clicks away.

How much can I save?

On a home that costs $500,000, for example, Home Savi can save a buyer like you $14,350 (based on the typical 3% buyer's agent commission and taking into account all Home Savi software fees). The higher your home's purchase price, the greater your savings. That's money that could go toward closing costs, a kitchen remodel or even a vacation!

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How Home Savi works:

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