5 ways to write an outstanding sweetheart letter

Learn the ins and outs of winning over your seller with a striking personal appeal

Key takeaways:

  • You fell in love with the home—now you'll need to make the seller fall in love with you
  • If there are multiple offers on the seller's table, your letter can make the difference
  • With Home Savi, your sweetheart letter is automatically attached to your home offer

So, you’ve finally found your dream home and have decided to make an offer. The sweetheart letter is your chance to show why the home is a great fit for you and why you’re the ideal buyer. A well-written letter can be pivotal, especially if there are multiple offers on the seller’s table.

What is a sweetheart letter?

Simply put, it’s your “love note” to the home and, to a lesser degree, the seller. Want to write a show-stopping one? Just follow the handy-dandy tips below.

Get personal

The most important thing to remember when writing your letter is to make it personal and specific to your situation—never use a recycled or “cookie cutter” letter. They’re tacky, usually don’t connect well with sellers and are pretty easy to sniff out.

Include details of your home buying journey. Is this your first home purchase? Has it been a long time coming? Is it the kind of home you always envisioned living in? Do you plan to start or raise your family there? Information like this will allow the seller to get to know your story better.

Find common ground

Finding common ground between you and the seller is also key. Although it may sound minor, sharing a common interest or hobby with your seller can make you a more favorable option. As a warning, make sure you’re being genuine and don’t seem like you’re just trying to get on the seller's good side.

Exude stability

Make sure you show stability. Even if you and the seller hit it off, if you seem to be financially naïve, they won’t be inclined to choose your offer out of the offers from their potential lineup of buyers. If you're making a low offer, this is your chance to explain your reasoning.

Remain professional

Along with showing stability, it's important to stay professional. When writing about yourself, it’s easy to forget that you’re still in a business transaction, so make sure you don't fall into this trap.

Don’t get too carried away

While it’s good to provide some background info, don’t make sellers read an entire novel. Stay on point and keep it short and sweet. Include what’s necessary to set you apart and keep it simple overall.

If the home is your dream home, what makes it perfect for you? Maybe it reminds you of your childhood home or you can see yourself owning it for life. Use your words to paint a vivid portrait for your seller.

Where do I include my sweetheart letter?

Sweetheart letters are attached as cover letters to offers. Home Savi does this for you. After completing your offer, you’ll have a chance to compose or upload your sweetheart letter, which will accompany your offer when it’s sent to the listing agent.

A great sweetheart letter is one way to make your offer stand out. Here are seven more!

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